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Dr. Okuku Fred
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Dr. Martin Origa "We can do something"

  Qualifications; MBChB, M.Med (MAK).

I am a practicising obstetrician/gynecologist for the last 2 years.  I have worked in the UCI for the last 18months in the area of GYN ONCOLOGY. Its a very challenging area because most of the patients present late with poor prognosis. The bulk of patients have cancer of the cervix. However i believe with reinforced health education and awareness plus research, this alarming situation can be ameliorated.

Dr Origa Martin,M.Med(Obs/Gyn)
MOSG (Oncology),Uganda Cancer Institute
P.O Box 3935 Kampala,Uganda.
Office,+256 414 540605/680467
Fax :+256 414 540410
Dr. Noleb Mugisha

 Dr. Omoding Abrahams

 Dr. Denis Acullu

ACULLU0001 (MBChB-MU, M.Med Rad (D)-MU, M.Med. Rad (T)-STELL, FC.Rad.Onc (S.A)

Specialist-Radiologist/ Clinical and Radiation Oncologist

Uganda Cancer Institute, Head of Imaging and Diagnosis, Dept. of Radiology/Nuclear Medicine, Kampala-Uganda.

Mobile: +256772342629/+256791993493/+256752730724





















U.C.I Doctors


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