Community Outreach

Headed by Dr. Noleb Mugisha

The Comprehensive Community Cancer Program (CCCP)

This is a program within the community cancer department of the Uganda Cancer Institute. It started in March 2009. The program empowers communities with knowledge in cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment so that they can play their rightful role in cancer control.
1. To raise cancer awareness
2. To improve cancer prevention
3. To increase early diagnosis of cancer
4. To improve adherence to cancer treatment
1. Community outreaches in markets, churches, mosques, training institutions (universities, secondary schools, primary schools etc). During these outreaches community cancer education and screening is done.
2. Radio and television talk on different aspects of community cancer awareness.
3. Weekly cancer awareness and screening clinic at the institute. This is every Friday in the Out Patients' Department (OPD).
4. Students' cancer clubs. CCCP in partnership with Uganda Child Cancer Foundation (UCCF) assists students start cancer clubs in their schools
5. Training. Wherever CCCP carries out outreaches, the team works with health care providers in the area training them to continue doing cancer education and screening.

Telephone. +256 414 540 410. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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