Counselling Department

Headed by Manyangwa Grace

The Counselling Department at Uganda Cancer Institute was formerly established in April 2011.

Without a strong counselling and psychosocial support system, cancer chemotherapy alone may not be very successful. As cancer doesn't only affect the patient but the entire family as well, all need continued support to ensure they are coping well with the diagnosis.


To offer highly specialised counselling services to cancer patients and their families.

Human Resource

The department is run by;

- 1 Senior Counsellor.

- 4 Counsellors.


The department identifies and addresses clients/families that have:

- Adherence problems to drugs and appointments.

- Lack information on cancer diagnosis and help them cope with the diagnosis.

- Nutritional problems.

- Other social problems and ensures a strong social support system.

- Special needs e.g. the needy.

- Disclosure issues.

As there is a close relationship between HIV and Cancer, we also offer Routine HIV Counselling and Testing to patients and their families.

As Cancer at times results in partial or total loss of body parts e.g. breasts and limbs we help prepare these patients psychologically pre-operatively.

Palliative care counselling is also offered.

The team looks forward to expanding its services by;

- Partnering with other organizations who offer the necessary prosthesis e.g. artificial breasts, limbs e.t.c. and network accordingly.

- Partnering with other organizations who can offer other essential patient needs.

Other collaborating Organizations.

• UCCF. (Uganda Child Cancer Foundation.

• UWOCASO. (Uganda Women's' Cancer Support Organization.)

• MJAP.(Mulago Mbarara Joint Aids Programme)

• CAO. (Cancer Aid Organization).

• SAWI. (Save a Woman Initiative).


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