Pharmacy Department

Headed by Mwesige Benjamin

The pharmacy of Uganda Cancer Institute has revolved over time, from a small room where medicines dispensed are only anti-malarials, and simple pain killers to complicated anticancer drugs are only given through a small window, to a big mixing room where medicines are prepared and served to nurses to administer to patients.
The services that we provide are:
• Dispense medicines both oral and parenteral to patients and attendants.
• Make monthly orders to NMS to get supplies
• Make reports to management about the performance of the pharmacy
• Train both local and international students about handling and administer chemo.
• Do continuous training to nurses about the safety of chemo in our settings.
• Counsel patients about the long term treatment and drug side effects.
• Store the delivered supplies in conditions that are appropriate and recommended.
• We get involved in policy issues concerning drugs and medicines supplies.
• Advise management on the day today operation of the pharmacy.

we achieved so much, among them includes:
• Built a 40 ft store with an air conditioner to keep our medicines in the required conditions.
• Built a modern mixing room with an Air conditioner.
• Wrote and completed a business plan
• Finished the construction of the private wing pharmacy.
• Availed almost 48% of all the required drugs.
• Availed all the required fluids to all our patients in both outpatient and inpatient.
• Routinely collect and destroy chemo wastes.
• Made a procurement plan of all drugs and submitted it to NMS.
• Open up a channel of communication with NMS to avail good quality medicines.
• Started the process of using stock cards in the stores as a process of accountability.


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