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I read the report several times even thinking the pathologist may have made a mistake, I walked back to his office and asked him again whether the results were actually mine for I had never, ever, in my life thought that one day I could suffer from such a deadly disease! says Margaret Okello
My name is Margaret Okello. I am 50 years of age, married with five children. I am blessed to have this opportunity to share with you my personal story about how I survived Breast Cancer.
One day in February, 2007, I was running around my house, gearing up to join an aerobics class in my neighborhood in an effort to reduce weight; for I felt a bit heavy. As I folded my arms around my chest, I accidentally felt a protruding swelling on my chest wall next to my right breast. I pressed it hard, and harder several times, it ffwasn't painful but remained stuck at the same position. It felt hard and the size of a dry bean.
During that week, my husband was doing exams so I decided not to tell him for I felt it would disrupt his concentration. I kept it to myself and wishfully thinking that the swelling would disappear. I continued running for that whole week and now kept consciously pressing it, it remained fixed there. The following week I told him about it, he also felt it and was alarmed at the same time angry with me ... why had I not told him immediately? He told me to go to my doctor and have it checked out at once. I had a fortnight ago been to see my doctor who advised me to reduce my weight and here I was --- now presenting with a lump in my breast! My doctor told me that she wasn't comfortable with it too and sent me to have a mammography exam. I went straight and did it and the results showed that there were two lumps – and was advised to have a biopsy. I became very anxious at the revelation. – went back to my doctor who referred me to a surgeon.
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