Public Relation Officer


Headed by Namulindwa Christine

Services Provided

The Department provides the following services to the Institute and public at large:

  • Promoting goodwill through publicity efforts as speeches, exhibits, and question/answers sessions.
  • Representing the Institute during community projects and at public social and business gatherings.
  • Contacting media representatives, or representing employers directly before the general public.
  • Arranging for and conducts public-contact programmes designed to meet the UCI objectives.
  • Utilizing knowledge of changing attitudes and opinions of clients, UCI, or other interest groups.
  • Planning and conducting public relations programmes designed to create and maintain a favorable public image for the Institute.
  • Responsible for planning and developing the communication of information designed to keep the public informed of the UCI's programmes, accomplishments, or points of view.
  • Arranging for PR efforts in order to meet needs, objectives, and policies of individual, special interest groups, public concerns.
  • Preparing and distributing fact sheets, news releases, photographs, scripts or tape recordings to media representatives or other persons who may be interested in learning about.
  • Provision of technical advice to management and staff within the Institute on any media/information related issues.
  • Ensuring proper media coverage for the Institute and cancer related matters in general.

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